Ron Woodward, Head Coach

A proven leader with real world insights into what makes organizations great – and how people can achieve personal, group and community success. Ron Woodward advises organizations from the position of one who has ‘been there, done that.’ Strategist, executive leader, public speaker, policy guide – Ron has played key roles in diverse public and private sector organizations across western Canada.

With experience in diverse economic sectors including education, energy/resources, agriculture and technology, Ron has a unique understanding of how to move initiatives forward. Ron is also a committed community leader with an impressive record as a volunteer and Board member for dozens of local, provincial and regional organizations.

“Helping Leaders Build Great Organizations”

Extraordinary organizations are like fine timepieces...great leaders are like clockbuilders who are constantly tinkering to make their organization run even better! Constant care and attention to all aspects of the organization...making small adjustments almost every day to insure the parts are maximizing the effectiveness of the whole, introducing new ideas and approaches when appropriate, supporting and enabling other leaders in the organization, and replacing policies and practises (and sometimes people) that inhibit maximum performance of the organization.

Clockbuilder Consulting can help you and your organization to perform even better through: